Illusion, corruption and naivete

Illusion, corruption and naivete are some things to come to terms with in 2022. To start, the corporations that made covid vaccines are full of corruption. I am not saying they are “evil”, I am saying they are profit driven, money hungry entities that cut corners, sacrifice quality, overlook critical mistakes, lie to the public, bribe politicians and doctors, and deliberately hide any data that could get in the way of their profits. For example, recently a group of independent doctors and researchers wanted access to the data Pfizer gave to the FDA that lead to its covid vaccine safety approval – the FDA said they needed until 2076 to reveal the data! What?! What are you hiding?! Also, Pfizer paid the largest criminal fee of any entity in the US, $2.3 billion for illegal marketing, fraud, deception, bribery, etc.

In the time of this pandemic, these corporations have bullied virtually every nation in the world to give up all rights to hold these corporations legally accountable for ANYTHING. By using the desperation and fear of the pandemic against people and governments, these corporations have created a completely “perfect” market for themselves – a market in which they could sell anything, including poison and never be held responsible. A market in which the worse their product works, the more people have to buy, hello lifelong boosters!

Nations such as Argentina are coming out and describing how Pfizer went so far to say they would not even take responsibility in the case of production or shipping errors that may cause a defective product, injury or death. And if Argentina didn’t like that, no vaccines for them! This is a most dangerous wielding of power, that the US has also allowed. In fact, the US is in bed with this power, these corporations fund our agencies and our leaders turn into their CEO’s, and their CEO’s turn into our leaders in a fun little game called revolving door politics. The US, and other countries, grant further power to these corporations by mandating their products – essentially allowing these corporations to have endless profits in the form of endless mandated shots, irregardless of how ineffective the product becomes, irregardless of how many injuries and deaths have resulted from these products – mandating a corporate product that takes no legal responsibility, and has a history of being the most corrupt corporation in our country is absurd.

There is a strong illusion that these corporations are “saving us” from the pandemic. While that may be the hope, it is ultimately narrow sighted. We are allowing the threat and fear of this virus to cloud our judgement, and making quick grabs for the first “life raft” thrown at us. This desperation is the worst place to make clear decisions, this desperation keeps us trapped in illusions, and has been distracting us from a far greater threat – the continuous degradation of our personal freedom. The freedom that our ancestors were willing to lose their lives for, knowing that living under the rule of the rich and powerful becomes increasingly degrading and lifeless as those entities grow more rich and powerful.

Yes, right now it may seem like “oh it’s just two shots, not that big of a deal” “our safety is more important than freedom”- but what if it turns into lifelong boosters? For a booster that is hardly even effective? For a booster that doesn’t stop transmission?! What if it turns into new shots for every virus the government deems necessary? What if you finally disagree with something the government says is for “the greater good”? At that point, will you have any footing to stand up for yourself and say no? Or will you stand to loose your job, livelihood, childcare, and more because of the social and governmental infrastructure being laid down now? And as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has pointed out, no government in the history of governments, has ever relinquished power and control once it has been given to them. So the more we allow government to dictate what medical choices we make, the more they will continue down this path – and boy could it be a profitable path for some.

Our freedom to choose how we want to treat our personal medical conditions and sicknesses must remain intact – less we give the government and pharmaceutical corporations rights over our bodies and minds. There is ALWAYS more than one way to solve a problem, always more than one product to prevent or heal illnesses. I’m not saying vaccines are the “wrong way” I’m saying they should not be the only way, or the forced way! ESPECIALLY when manufactured by corrupt corporations that take zero responsibility for any defects of their own products.

The fact that our government is currently only giving us ONE “acceptable” solution to remain a citizen of good standing (aka keep your job, go to public places, attend school), the fact that our government is blatantly ignoring naturally acquired immunity – should wake all of us up to the fact that this is not about health, this is about profit and control, a control that leads to endless profit. And the sad thing is that they have used our own empathy and compassion against us – saying “your shot protects us all” “do this for the greater good” “don’t be selfish, get your shot” – and they continue to say this despite overwhelming data showing that this is not even true. I am sorry to tell you this, but your shot does not protect other people, no matter how good your intentions were when you got it. And if you argue that it protects people “a little more” than not getting a shot, you are on a slippery slope of supporting government regulation of “immune superiority” – “I spread 10% less virus than you do and so deserve more freedom” – a slippery slope that is always up for debate, and should never be any part of government regulation. For example, my husband almost always gets respiratory viruses and coughs way worse than I do, and for way longer – meaning that I have less viral replication and spread than him – should I be considered superior to him and have more civil liberties?! No that is absurd. Not only absurd, but sounds dangerously similar to the ruthless control the church had over people in the dark ages, doling out “moral superiority” where they saw fit, aka where profits were to be made.

We are a species that contracts transmissible viruses – it is not our fault, we are not bad people for doing so, and it is not in our best interest to hide away forever in fear that we may pass a flu or cold onto another. In fact, ironically, that can be the worst thing for us seeing as isolation leads to distress and suppression of our immune systems! We need people, we need contact for our health! Viruses are not bad, you are not bad for passing them. Yes we can do our best, stay home when you have a fever, but stopping life with every sniffle is not a solution, it is in fact a greater problem.

Yes, we would all love a “one shot” to fix all solution – but it is a tremendously immature desire – it is not how life works. We are complex beings that need nuanced solutions, and the freedom to choose which solution works best for each of us, in each country, in each socio-economic environment. The WHO has lost sight of this, pushing the same policies across the globe despite obvious downsides – “lockdown policies may save some lives from the virus, but how many lives may be lost by poverty, suicide and starvation”. And even in the most well off countries, we should be allowed to say, “if your shot does not provide immunity or stop transmission, AND it has the chance of dangerous or even lethal side effects, then I will shop elsewhere”.

The unfortunate truth is that if you took a shot, your shot is now largely outdated, and any shot they make for a quickly mutating virus will always become outdated in a matter of months because of something much bigger than all of us, called evolutionary biology. The corporations and governments know this and yet they are still pushing mandates on an outdated product that has already accrued a pileup of injuries and deaths. Who should be responsible for those deaths and injuries?

Decisions about health and life should never be held in the hands of a few powerful corporations – even if these entities start with good intentions, those good intentions will almost always assuredly shrivel into profit driven corruption, leaving the rich richer, the poor poorer and disease still very much a part of our human life. Our greatest ally for health is nature and un-corrupted science – not corporations – and our health should not be patented and sold back to us, nay forced back onto us by these corporations. Enough. Stand up for your right to choose what you put in your body. Even if your choice is booster shot after booster shot – stand up for the freedom to CHOOSE that, not be forced by powers wrought by corruption.

Corruption, greed and power create things far more insidious than any one person could dream up – it is where our idea of “evil” comes from – the evil of the dark ages, of Nazi Germany, of totalitarian Soviet Union. It is not some imaginary force, and it is not something that we can extinguished. They are real aspects of the human and collective psyche, aspects that we should not forget, that we should not live in naïveté from. And if I have ever seen an “evil” thing in my life, it is certainly mandating an experimental drug unto CHILDREN, who have little to no risk at all from the virus it’s meant to “protect” them from. They don’t need protecting! What are we doing this for? For the greater good? To protect vulnerable adults, we are willing to force children to take drugs when we have no idea what the long term or short term dangers are? When the FDA deliberated on whether or not to approve the emergency use authorizations of Pfizer’s shot for kids, one of the panel members, Dr. Eric Rubin said, “We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes”. What an admission! And now, a few months later, states and schools are already mandating that very shot for children. Our children are undergoing a massive forced experiment because it was recommended by a corporation and the regulatory agency these corporations fund. Do you see it?! Do you see who is pulling the strings?

I leave with a stark, unfortunate truth – It is the naive “do-gooder” complying for “greater good” that gives corrupt corporations greater and greater power. Corruption is sold in a silver package, masquerading as a key to fix all your problems and bring everything back to a “new normal” – a normal where only the government and their corrupt pharmaceutical corporations are allowed to tell you what is best for you and your children, and force you to take it – less we wake up, grow up, and remember that their are forces to fight against, and remember that our ancestors fought the same forces time and time again, so that future generation may live in freedom.

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