Soul Nerve Workshop

Soul Nerve Workshop

1.5 Hour Somatic Workshop Saturday, September 25 12pm HST 3pm PST 5pm CT This is a Zoom workshop, so you can experience deep peace and embodiment in your own space. Set your space for floor work – a carpeted space is ideal but yoga mats/blankets work too! comfy clothes and even a dedicated altar if you are inspired (candle, incense, crystals, etc). You can also venmo me @Elena-Dominguez-15


The vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve in the body, it’s name means “wandering nerve” because it travels through so many parts of the body, down through the center line. The vagus nerve gives us the sensation of our inner being, what we call “felt sense” in somatic psychology. The front portion of the vagus nerve activates our relaxed, social engagement, parasympathetic system. Learning to activate and tone the vagus nerve leads to increased feelings of grounding, connection, safety.

The vagus nerve is also called the “soul nerve” because each of its functions adds to a feeling of centering and soulfulness. Soulful or spiritual activities are known to activate this nerve, and we will explore these in our workshop, in the spirit of uplifting and peace for all beings.

To activate our “soul nerve” this workshop will explore

  • getting a basic understanding of your vagus nerve anatomy
  • setting sacred space
  • clearing energy and nervous system
  • yogic practices
  • chi gung practices
  • chanting
  • visualization
  • guided parasympathetic relaxation

You will also get a PDF of the basic anatomy and activation practices for the vagus nerve so you can continue your practices.