About Me

My name is Elena, I live on Maui with my husband and our son and daughter.  We have a beautiful life that, 16 years ago, I could have never imagined, coming from a place of trauma, depression, self-loathing, despair and anxiety.

I am deeply grateful for the work I have done, and especially, for the compassionate souls that helped me along my way.  It is from this deep gratitude that I reach out to connect with you.

I have been studying the nervous system for over 13 years, starting with my BA in Somatic Psychology.  I brought this base understanding into my 10 years as a yoga and meditation teacher, and 8 years as a neuromuscular massage therapist and Reiki practitioner.  I call this non-traditional path my “masters IN BODY” which has given me the opportunity to see and feel into the embodied experience, and literally work with the emotions that live in our fascia, muscles, organs and bones.  In-depth studies of the Chakra system, Human Design, and shamanic soul work continues to enlighten and inform my understanding and experience of wholeness.

My latest integration has been through personal study of motherhood and childhood – by observing the developing nervous system through mothering my two children – what an enlightening and healing experience. My offerings are a culmination of both my learned and lived experiences of the body, psyche, and soul.

There are no words to articulate the impact Elena has had on my life. My life is forever changed. It will be infinitely more full, alive, mindful, playful, enjoyable, authentic, embodied, and connected because of Elena. Elena is an incredibly eloquent, light, powerful, playful, intuitive human who meets you where you are in every moment. She is deeply knowledgeable, using scientific, spiritual, somatic, humor, and experience-based practices to guide you both in the moment and when you are on your own outside of session. She is truly a naturally gifted healer and working with her (both 1×1 and in a group) has allowed for me to give myself another chance at life. I can’t emphasize how strongly I recommend working with Elena.


Elena’s light attracts healers, realists, dreamers, learners.  She emits perseverance and knowledge in her capacity to teach.  Her offerings on energy and the nervous system layer teachings in a palatable, tangible form.  It is my hope that Elena’s teachings can reach beyond the yoga world and infiltrate the way we (the collective we) view healing, treatment, and prevention of disease in our health care perspective.  It begins with how we manage our energy, and Elena begins the dialogue of how to manage our energy with care and love.”

-Bridget S. (iLa Yoga studio owner)

“In a world with so many so-called experts, Elena changed the game for me personally.  Her unique insight on the nervous system as well as the practical tools she’s developed have substantially helped me find a greater sense of embodied well-being and the resources to know how to maintain it.”

-Brady T. (singer/songwriter)

There are not enough words to describe how beneficial and helpful this (work) was.  Its an amazing toolbox that provided me with tools to become my best self, understand the world around me and offer empathy and kindness in return.  It peeled off any unnecessary shields I used to have and now my true colors can shine bright. And I have more space to hold for people around me, more wisdom to offer, more energy to be, and more patience to heal.


Want to connect? I’d love to hear from you