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Elena is the type of person you don’t realize you need in your life until she’s there. She creates such a safe environment free of judgment where nothing is off the table. As a new mother, so much of my day is constantly on the go. I don’t think I paused to feel my body in months. Elena created space not only for vulnerable, honest dialogue (which was so needed) but more importantly, provided tools I could tap into any time I needed it. I leave our time together feeling clearer, more grounded, more open, and less anxious. Her value is endless, I truly can’t recommend her work enough.


Thank you for your interest in working with me.  We are biologically and spiritually wired for connection and contact, and while there are many ways to heal “on your own”, true healing/wholing comes from plugging back in to interconnection.  I am more than thankful to be a part of your process. I have two offerings that can be done in person or via zoom, they are:

Re-grounding: Holistic Alternative to Therapy

“Re-grounding” is a process of working with your nervous system and energy body to unravel self-defeating patterns and ground into an embodied sense of self.

Unhealthy nervous system patterns are largely subconscious, and happen as a result of unresolved stressors, traumas, relationship wounds, and simply from living in a mind-centered society.

1-on-1 to deepen your sense of self and your ability to connect deeply with those you love


Re-grounding with your partner to heal wounds and deepen intimacy

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Embodied Human Design Reading

This reading will help you understand what you are meant to “bring to the table” and what you are not – and by understanding the difference, save yourself copious amounts of energy and self-respect.  Without an awareness of your unique design, comparison and conditioning are inevitable, and quite possibly the worst thing we can do to ourselves – you are a unique being, and your design shows it.

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Body-Energy Work on Maui

60-90 minutes of personalized Body-Energy Work including Somatic body work, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofacial, and Reiki work to dis-armor habitual tension patterns, open body-mind connection and help deepen access to full relaxation.   $100-$150

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