Re-grounding: Holistic Alternative to Therapy

This work is a process I call “Re-grounding” – working with your nervous system and  energy body to unravel unhealthy patterns and ground into a deep sense of self.

Unhealthy nervous system patterns happen as a result of unresolved stressors, traumas, relationship wounds, and simply from living in a mind-centered society.  This can result in:

  • depression, anxiety
  • Relationship challenges
  • Poor/no boundaries
  • People pleasing
  • Control/defensiveness
  • Self-esteem/ego challenges
  • Inflammation, low immunity
  • Digestive disturbances
  • Sleep challenges
  • Libido/orgasm challenges
  • Empathic overwhelm
  • Chronic tension/stress

In the initial session we map out your current blocks and challenges, and learn about your unique energy/body/mind composition (based off your Human Design and a Chakra Test you take beforehand).  This way we begin to see your unique strengths, vulnerabilities, and conditioning, where you’ve lost contact with self and Source, and your personal path to Re-grounding.

I suggest at least three subsequent sessions to sink in to this work, where you will:

  • move from disassociation to felt sense
  • learn practices to move through freeze, fight and flight states that derail your work and relationships
  • bring balance to your nervous system by strengthening your ventral vagal system
  • discover and unravel tension you didn’t even know you had (and the tension you know about;)
  • learn to re-frame subconscious psychologies that keep you and your needs “small”
  • open the energy of your nervous system
  • gain a new access to joy, connection and the pleasure of being in your body

When working with me as a couple:

  • learn about each others unique body-mind design and how that plays into your relationship
  • learn practices to “feel” your partner’s nervous system state and ways to help each other co-regulate, rather than fuel stress cycles
  • learn to help each other ground reactive emotions and frozen feelings
  • unravel blocks to intimacy, and sacred sexuality (clothes on;)
  • One Session 60min/$100

  • OR a package of 4-60min sessions for $333

Please watch these two videos before your session

*same price for 1-on-1 or couples

*distance sessions through FaceTime or Zoom apps.


My time with Elena gifted so many things to my spirit and body. I’ve never thought of my body and the connection I have with it in the simple, yet profound way that she teaches.  With the help of my family, my kids, my dog, my surroundings… I now have the tools to start treating myself the way I should have all along.


“I was first introduced to Elena through a Mastermind Group aimed at self-improvement, connection, and awareness. Admittedly, I was somewhat apprehensive to work with Elena as energy and nervous system work was completely foreign in my world. Speaking to the present, I could not be more grateful for the ongoing opportunity to work with Elena. Her highly personalized, grounded approach is anchored in listening and creating space. I am endlessly impressed with her knowledge and look forward to each session. It’s worth mentioning I introduced Elena to my wife as well and we engage in couples sessions which we both find extremely beneficial. Elena is someone I now consider a friend and I couldn’t recommend her enough.”



Working with Elena over the course of multiple sessions helped me learn how to give expression to and release trapped emotions in my body through intuitive movement, as well as gain specific tools on how to more deeply connect with the Divine in order to feel the pleasures of being alive. What a beautiful experience!



Elena is the type of person you don’t realize you need in your life until she’s there. She creates such a safe environment free of judgment where nothing is off the table. As a new mother, so much of my day is constantly on the go. I don’t think I paused to feel my body in months. Elena created space not only for vulnerable, honest dialogue (which was so needed) but more importantly, provided tools I could tap into any time I needed it. I leave our time together feeling clearer, more grounded, more open, and less anxious. Her value is endless, I truly can’t recommend her work enough.