Trauma and Subconscious Fear

In resisting our nervous system rhythm, we forget our innate ability to process stress and trauma.  Instead we trap stress and trauma within our bodies and effectively recreate pain from the past over and over.  We create a type of internal suffering that affects mind, body and soul. Peter Levine says, “Trauma is perhaps the…

Nervous System Rhythm

Our nervous systems have an archaic rhythm, evolved over thousands of years, with innate functions that, in our modern world, may not seem rational or sociable and are therefore often resisted.  This rhythm mirrors all of life and moves like a wave. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, the tides come in and go…

Why the Nervous System?

when we attempt to heal through outside modalities without firstly following the wisdom of our own nervous system rhythm, the benefits of these modalities are largely lost

To Cuddle or To Check Social Media

Social media is “free” to its users, but only on the surface. These companies have monetized our conscious attention, and they do their very best to grab as much of it as possible, including using our very biology against us.