Why the Nervous System?

The wisdom of your nervous system is a missing link in our conversations around health, relationships, and spirituality.  While there are so many holistic and spiritual modalities available to us – be it yoga, herbal medicine, supplements, diet, mindfulness, reiki, intentions, affirmations, superfoods, prayer, shamanism, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, breathwork, etc. – when we attempt to heal through outside modalities without firstly following the wisdom of our own nervous system rhythm, the benefits of these modalities are largely lost.

This is because every modality is received by you through your nervous system.  The nervous system is our interface for everything, filtering what comes in and out of our being.  Through our actions and habits we are continually wiring this interface either for resilience and health, or stress and dis-ease.  If you are stuck wiring for stress, as most people in western society are, the potency of your chosen healing modality is significantly watered down.  That modality must work in an upstream battle against a nervous system that is wounding itself. The quality of your nervous system, therefore, is foundational to the modalities and medicines you are applying.

Through your nervous system, every other system in your body is co-regulated.  The way you follow, or do not follow your nervous system rhythm directly impacts your immune system, the way you breath, the rhythm of your heart, the quality of your digestion, the hormones you produce, the cellular healing you catalyze.  The nervous system is like the captain of the ship, all systems comply with its leadership.

Learning to follow the natural rhythm of the nervous system fosters resilience, self-healing and connection.  This rhythm provides the substratum to improving your health, relationships, parenting, intimacy, and even spiritual connection.

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