My Empathic Journey

I didn’t grow up learning how to manage my energy, how to clear energy blockages, ground into my body, how to hold energetic boundaries, how to have flowing energy and vitality. As a “sensitive” child, what I did learn was how to take on others energy and emotions, that is to say take others energy and emotions into my body and confuse it for my own.

Kundalini and Orgasm Energy

I had a flash of shame, wondering why sexual pleasure was entering my spiritual practice. Luckily at this point in my life, I could recognize this shame as some untruth projected onto me…

Declutter, Destress, Divine

We carry ideas and beliefs like these around, and they weigh us down, they complicate our lives and they can sabotage our relationships. Moreover, they distract us from what is truly important and truly precious, the present moment.

Anxiety into Energy

this is kind of like sitting with a tantrumming toddler, it’s very uncomfortable and I want to be in the next room with soundproofing headphones on, but alas he’s my baby so I sit with him as patiently as I can

Energy Doorway

The nerve plexuses are like many fingered hands reaching out for that transmission of the “electricity of God”…


the heart smiling wildly wide
the face shinning