Kundalini and Orgasm Energy

I first likened Kundalini energy and orgasm energy about a year ago while meditating and continuously chant OM. The day before, I had listened to a podcast with Deva Premal who called OM the “cosmic yes”. Chanting OM was my way to align with the yes that reverberates through the cosmos. A short ways into my chanting I began feeling an energetic sensation awakening at the base of my spine and vagina, not unlike building sexual energy. My ego mind kicked in and began questioning and judging the occurrence. I had a flash of shame, wondering why sexual pleasure was entering my spiritual practice.  I paused my chanting, and considered returning to a silent meditation.  Luckily at this point in my life, I could recognize this shame as some untruth projected onto me, so I practiced letting go and released the ego judgements and blessed myself with full acceptance of this new energetic experience.

I returned to chanting, expecting that my previous experience was a one time occurrence, but I found that the Kundalini/orgasm energy was right where I left it and ready to build. My chanting continued to expand the sensation beyond my pelvis and up into my belly.

At some points, the sensation would just feel like a warm tingling energy, at other points I felt an electric-like sensation, “zinging” me from the inside, making my insides feel weak as the energy itself was expanding within me, causing involuntary movement. This felt very similar to climaxing and orgasm, and here I was in an empty room, on my yoga mat, chanting OM.  I might as well have been in the bedroom with my love, chanting yes!

After this experience I started to dissolve the strong divide I had unconsciously made between sexuality and spirituality. I felt very curious about the link between Kundalini energy and sexual energy.  I wondered whether they paved the same energetic path in the body, and whether maybe in fact they were the same energy? My inner laboratoty of meditation, kundalini yoga, and tantric (conscious) sexuality with my partner have all pointed to yes.  In addition, I dove deeper into the poetry of spiritual mystic Rabia, Rumi, Meister Eckhart, Hafiz and found eroticism all over their prose to divine love.

Most poets are like a belly dancer

who never reveals anything below her waist-

I won’t tease you like that

for I love when your eyes get



I began to see that my work to clear and open chakras completely corresponded with my sex life, and I would be able to expand my orgasm energy sensation further up the core of my being, my sushumna channel.

I remember a time when my orgasms would be focused in my pelvis.  I had to tense my hips to get there, as if I had to confine the energy.  I’ve learned that an orgasm with less body-mind-energy awareness and presence tends to be a short, pleasurable release of energy confined mainly to the genital area – Osho likened this to a “good sneeze”. In comparison, an orgasm with higher body-mind-energy awareness is an event that is considerably longer in duration and increasingly widespread in bodily sensation, dissolving tension throughout the body and flooding the body with healing hormones and life-force energy.  Now, I can get a pretty accurate map of energy blockages or physical tension by how expansive my orgasms are and where they tend to get stuck.

For awhile, I was hung up on my solar plexus, Manipura, so I focused my yoga practice on Manipura. My asana, pranayama, meditation, journaling, Reiki all. I also talked with friends and processed some old belief systems around power and control (Co-dependents annonymous!).  One day, while talking with a friend about this, she helped me see that I was ready to move beyond Manipura blockages, and use the energy that would get stuck there to empower my heart chakra. I had an amazing visualization of a sacred sword piercing through my diaphragm connecting Manipura to my heart, Anahata, releasing a river of flowing energy to my heart that felt so nourishing. I began feeling a whole new river of energy within my being. Before my heart only felt like the giver, the healer, the mother. Now I also feel my heart is the receiver, supported and empowered by my lower three chakras. After that work, I began feeling my orgasms rise and fill my heart center with an utter expansion of love.

My yoga and spiritual practices are no longer separate from my sexual life, they inform eachother and improve eachother. I can dedicate my asana, chanting and breath to opening up energy channels within myself.  These open channels transform the little “sneezes” of orgasms into full body bliss. In return, that bliss helps me to live a heart centered life filled with cosmic yesses! … and with more compassion, forgiveness and patience then I have ever had before.

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