Many Paths Home

It’s not always easy to love your whole life.  The sun often sets on us and we are left with feelings of  darkness and separation.  What was once whole, falls apart.  Suddenly my heart is heavy with grief and I long to return to love, but have lost my way.  Some days, the way the clouds move, brings me home.  Sometimes my hair drifting behind me in the ocean wakes me up.  Many times it is a long walk through my pain, judgement, shame and fear.

These posts are my many journeys home to love, and of new paths I am finding to get there again and again; Yoga, Mindfulness, playing, reading, writing, waiting.  I humbly offer these writings in hopes to spark that place in you and I where we are one, and awaken the place in our divine hearts where love always lives, waiting.


photo by my love @godaydream

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