Anxiety into Energy

this is kind of like sitting with a tantrumming toddler, it’s very uncomfortable and I want to be in the next room with soundproofing headphones on, but alas he’s my baby so I sit with him as patiently as I can

Energy Doorway

The nerve plexuses are like many fingered hands reaching out for that transmission of the “electricity of God”…

Extremism divides and distracts us

Extremism divides and distracts us. If your goal is to prove something, you are not paying attention. If your goal is to disprove something, you are not paying attention. Rather than get caught up in either proving or disproving medical conspiracy theories, I researched into some history that underpins these theories – the corruption of…


the heart smiling wildly wide
the face shinning

Yoga and Depression

Yoga came to me in that sweet way a mother holds her newborn, and for the first time in years I felt something different.